Martin Lönnebo


The Pearls of Life™ were created by Martin Lönnebo, Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Sweden and one of Sweden's leading spiritual writers.


While on a Mediterranean cruise, Pastor Lönnebo was forced by an unseasonable storm to stay on a small Greek island for several days. There he saw Greek fishermen with their beaded string belts, and this gave him the idea of the Pears of Life rosary bracelet.


"We may live in a secularized time, but that doesn’t stop people from wondering about God’s existence and the Holy presence. The rosary is about slowing down and taking time."


At first, Pastor Lönnebo made a string of beads for his personal devotional use, but when others saw it, they also wanted one. The Pearls of Life™, as they came to be called, were created in cooperation with Verbum Publishing, using beads that are produced according to Fair Trade principles.


The Pearls of Life™ quickly became a meaningful part of the daily devotional life of
many Christians in Scandinavia and Germany, and are now available in several other countries around the world.






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